Box Beams

We offer Faux ceiling beams that are one of the economical ways of improving your home’s décor. Achieve a cozy and warm feeling with these faux beams that look exactly like real wood. The best part is that you don’t have to spend too much money.

We have an impressive range of faux beams to match your needs and budget. Visit our store in Oakland, Maryland to check all the available options. You can easily install the three-sided beams over already existing structural steel beams, smaller wood beams, electrical wires, or plumbing pipes. Owing to their lightweight, it is quite easy to install and handle them.

Are they realistic? If you have a look at them, you will realize that they possess all the visible features of the real wood. This beam variant comes with accurate texture and grain. These beams are designed using the molds of genuine wood.

Unlike real wood, you won’t require heavy equipment or cranes to lift them. In spite of less weight, there isn’t any compromise with the quality and durability. They do not require maintenance and are free of issues like twisting, rotting, and warping.

For most of the finishes, you can ask for custom sizes. Various homeowners and remodeling contractors connect with us for their faux beam needs. Due to the quality of these beams and customer support, most of our clients prefer doing business with us on a regular basis.

Connect with our faux beam experts with your requirements today!

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