Box Beams

Colonial Lumber offers you superior quality box beams made up of reclaimed wood. These affordable box beams are suitable for columns, mantels, and ceilings.

The hollow box beam products are designed using solid wood beams so that they match perfectly to your home’s décor. Every product you get from our store is highly durable. And they are not just durable, they are stable.

The reason box beams are so popular is that they are easier to install and generally don’t need to be supported.

Various residents planning to achieve a rustic look in their home have already connected with us for box beams. Due to superior quality and customer support, even some contractors rely on us for their box beam requirements.

The reclaimed wood we use has gone through expansions and contractions numerous times. This makes the wood less prone to splitting and warping. The stability is due to the presence of dense grain.

You will realize that no two pieces of wood are identical. It’s like each piece has its own character, own story. And that’s what makes the reclaimed wood so classy.

By buying these beams, you are also contributing to saving the environment. It’s one of the best examples of reusing and recycling of already existing resources. This reduces the burden on the landfills and ensures the natural resources are preserved.

So, what are you waiting for? Experience the charm of the bygone era by using this reclaimed wood box beams we offer.

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