So what are the things that come in your mind when you are about to choose a wood? Let me guess:

  • Strength
  • Durability
  • Easy maintenance
  • Appearance
  • Efficiency in terms of energy

No what is so good about oak wood? Well, oak wood excels in all the wood quality that is mentioned above.

Oak is a hardwood, its rich grain and distinct color sets it apart from softwood. When it comes to durability test, oak wood is legendary. If you look around the oldest and strongest structure still standing in this world is made of oak wood. Before the implementation of metals in ships, the greatest and biggest warships had the hull made of oak.

If you want to build something that can handle all weather, humidity and strength, nothing can beat the good old oak wood.

We at Colonial Lumber have been helping people with construction, design, and decoration of their homes with wooden oak flooring. Colonial Lumber reclaims wood from 100-year-old barns and lumber salvage yards. We sell reclaimed oak wood at a fairly reasonable price.

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