19 Mar

If you are looking for a flooring choice that is unique and historical, you may not want to miss out on tobacco pine flooring. 200 years ago when tobacco farming rules the fields, farmers constructed barns of tobacco pine to try tobacco leaves. The dark and red shades created while drying tobacco leaves on the planks mix beautifully with the honey colour of the plank itself.

Reclaimed tobacco pine wood has much deeper shades and unique character like cracks, nail holes, wormholes, saw marks and water marks.

Tobacco pine flooring can add a classic and rustic touch to your decor. It is certain to make people question the history of the material.

Colonial Lumber is a putative manufacturer of reclaimed pine wood flooring.

Similarly, we also manufacture Faux beams that replicate the look of real wood. You can achieve a classic looked faux beam at a much cheaper price. We have an impressive range of faux beams that will most likely fit your taste and budget.

You are just a phone call away from finding the perfect barn wood, antique hemlock flooring and box beam for your interiors. Be sure to add that personality and grace to your house that only enhances your house’s quality as the time passes on.

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