19 Feb

Any processed wood that is recycled to use for a specific purpose is referred to as reclaimed wood. When compared to regular wood flooring, reclaimed wood offers more durability and strength. The chances of warping are negligible in case of reclaimed oak or timber due to high density.


  1.    Flooring

This is the most popular application of reclaimed oak flooring. Experience the feeling of warmth with flooring that offers a rustic feel. Several residents install lighter tones to make a small room look brighter. With darker woods, you will get a rich, elegant design.

  1.    Dining Table

Impress your friends with a statement reclaimed wood dining table that exudes a classic feel. The wood used for dining table evolves with time, just like a good quality wine.

  1.    Headboard

Add a new, natural dimension to your bedroom by using a reclaimed wood headboard. Its beautiful appearance is sufficient to offer a relaxed feeling when you enter your room after a stressful day.

  1.    Doors

The naturally aged wood can help in creating beautiful-looking interior and exterior doors for every type of home. With numerous color and texture options, you can be sure that the doors match the décor of your home.

  1.    Feature wall

If you love traditional log cabin feel, use reclaimed wood for a feature wall. You can also achieve a contemporary polished look with it.

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